Tandem is your sponsorship resource.

Tandem is an end-to-end rightsholder sponsorship agency. With our ability to work in cities from San Francisco to New York, we can maximize your property or event’s sponsorship value and offer the opportunity to activate at locations throughout the United States.

Sponsorship Activation Definition & Break Down
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What We Do

Asset Valuation

Tandem offers your property or event peace of mind. Know the true value of your sponsorship assets as you negotiate with potential partners and have the research to back it up.

Advisory Services

Utilize Tandem’s expertise to craft a sponsorship strategy with a perfect fit to your property or event. Using research and an in-depth analysis of each rightsholder, Tandem is able to present each client with a recipe for long-term sponsorship success.

Bidding Strategy

Tandem is your go-to partner for any thing RFP. Issuing, but can’t keep track? Tag Tandem in. Want to respond to an event that seems a perfect fit? We’ll help you craft the perfect proposal.

Marketing Services

Let Tandem be your liaison for the cities you’d like to use for activation. We’ll find the best spot for your mobile marketing tour and then set you up with the necessary permits.

Sales and Service

Tandem is your choice sponsorship sales agency. We work with rightsholders nationwide to find the best partners for their property or event, ensuring both rightsholder and brand come out of negotiations satisfied and excited. Tandem also services these partners to ensure long-term contract renewals.

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Our Work

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