5 Basic Steps for a Successful Experiential Activation


Experiential marketing differs from traditional advertising in that it can engage multiple senses and make a direct emotional connection; radio, print, and television on the other hand are restricted to verbal and visual means. The goal is to influence loyalty from customers and favorable purchasing decisions.

Experiential can take many forms, including samplings, events, pop-ups, guerilla, engagement campaigns, and more but in this particular post, we're talking about five (5) basic steps you can take to execute an activation with excellence.

Pop Tarts Activation at Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles, California


1) Know Your Audience

Figure out the buyer persona, know everything you can about them.

What are they pain points? Challenges? Desires? Preferences? Hobbies? Interests?

There are so many details you can uncover with a thorough analysis, just make sure you really focus on the details that can create a connection point with your product or service.

2) Map Out Your Vision

Now that you know who you're after, what kind of experience can you offer the customer? How can you make a connection between your product or service and what they want, or need? Spend some time alone, or with your team, and brainstorm several ideas.

If you don't feel creative enough, find a reputable company to help you. There are agencies who will be able to present highly effective solutions that are both memorable and engaging.

You want to be sure to create activities your customer can be a part of. You want to employ branding so your customer knows exactly who's doing this, and remembers your brand once they walk away.

3) Find a Location to Activate At

Once you know who you're after and what you're planning to present, find the location where your target market is. That could be a public space, a shopping mall, an event, anywhere really. Make sure that your vision will work there (for example, does the height and width of your activation fit within the space you're considering?).

If you'll require special permits to enter the property on load-in day, how do you get those? If you need help in this area, Tandem can help find you the right place and secure all permitting needs for you. Whether you're only activating briefly, or routing an entire tour across the U.S., just drop us a line and we'll be happy to help move this project along for you.

4) Tell Everyone

Perhaps you're going to need the help of a PR Agency to tell the world what's coming up, or maybe you can reach enough people through your social media platforms or email. Whichever method you choose, be diligent about hyping up your upcoming project and ride that wave of excitement.

The more people know about it, the more will hear about it so get online and let your announcement organically multiply through word of mouth (AKA social shares).

Building momentum is a great way to bring out positive expectation from your fans.


Keep hyping it up online while your activation is in action. This will get people talking and help those who weren't in attendance be a part of it too.

Give away goodies, because everyone likes freebies, and plus, it's a great way to get your customers to take your brand home.


Experiential Marketing Services at Tandem Partnerships

With over a decade of experience in experiential consulting, we can help steer execution where it needs to be. Wherever you’d like to take your activation, Tandem can be your liaison. We'll find the best spot(s) for your mobile marketing tour putting you right in the middle of the action and we'll also make sure you're set up with the necessary permits.



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