5 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your Agency

Agency Relationship

About a month ago, we talked about some of the best ways for an agency to build a relationship with their sponsor, including some of the best ways to navigate clients’ relationships with properties and rights holders. Of course, we know that any client can use some extra guidance, too. Just like navigating a client relationship, clients can find navigating an agency relationship to be extremely daunting, but, it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re looking for an agency to meet your projects’ needs, finding the right agency is all-important. But, once the right agency is found, you have to make sure that your ideas are communicated. The right agency will do magical things with clients’ ideas, as long as the client communicates. Here are five ways for properties and rights holders to build a better relationship with agencies, and they actually aren’t that different this way around.


1. Communicate Your Expectations

For any client, communicating expectations is number one. Communicating your expectations will find you the best-fitting agency. And then, with the right agency, you don’t have to waste time and stress over the best ways to communicate your ideas and future goals. Share what you need verbally or visually, just share all of your expectations in however makes most sense to you, and the agency will let you know what will be done next. But, maybe you’re confused on what to expect. The next most important way to build a relationship with your agency tackles that worry.


2. Foster Relationships with Others in Your Industry

Not only is it important to build relationships with others in your industry for the sheer camaraderie of it and moral support, but it’s important for individual representatives to take in others’ experiences and learn about how about their journey. This way, you, as a representative, can learn about other’s expectations for their agencies and how they may or may not have achieved the success they desired. It’s also a good way to more quickly and easily help find the right agency for your company.


3. Determine Your Target Market

Before finding the right agency, it’s also imperative that a target market is determined. Your agency will then be able to better help target or redetermine that target market with the best experiential or mobile marketing activations once you determine where to begin.


4. Determine the Best Location(s) for Your Campaign

Many tours travel regionally or nationally and are only able to make so many alterations to their activation to suit properties. It is often easier for activations to personalize with a big build that will be in one spot for a longer period of time than it would be for activations that travel somewhere new every day or two. For example, this was done with the sponsorship we did with Samsung in Union Square. This campaign was placed in that one location for a two-week engagement. Of course, depending on the client, different footprints will be asked for. These are all things for both parties, the properties or rights holders as well as the agency, to take into consideration.


5. Communicate Your Own Strategies

Communicate strategies applied to former projects, if any. When properties and rights holders communicate whatever they have had as their your own strategies, this allows the agency to better help them reach their aims in the way that properties and rights holders want to.


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