Asset Valuation

Asset valuation services


Using our extensive knowledge of the sponsorship industry, Tandem offers comprehensive identification, analysis, and valuation of sponsorship assets and incremental revenue streams for venues, events, and properties nationwide. Following industry standards, along with the expertise and experience of our staff, Tandem has been successfully and effectively valuating properties and assets for over a decade.  Our valuation system includes the study and analysis of many factors, including reach, impressions, property awareness, and audience loyalty.  In providing this service, we give clients an opportunity to fully and transparently understand the value of assets that might otherwise be undervalued, undersold, or even unrealized.  Furthermore, a comprehensive valuation also gives clients both peace of mind and confidence they are offering the most valuable, accurately-priced sponsorship opportunities to their partners.


In summary, in a sponsorship valuation, a deep-dive of assets is completed to determine the true worth of a sponsorship package. A well-rounded valuation, for example, is created using a combination of science and art, formulas, experience, data, and judgment.

Understanding exactly what is involved in your sponsorship investment is key. It will provide the confidence you need to support the numbers you'll quote to potential partners.

The right sponsorship assets need to be evaluated to meet and exceed your needs and meet industry standards. Some of the most valuable sponsorship assets range are hard assets, well-managed assets, and well-branded assets.

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