What Makes a Stand Out Sponsorship Agency?

TANDEM Blog What makes a stand out sponsorship agency? When you’re ready to begin looking for a sponsorship agency, many will say that they will provide you with the sponsorship support that you need. But what really makes one sponsorship agency stand out from another? Consider a Boutique Agency The right sponsorship agency will: Make … Continue reading What Makes a Stand Out Sponsorship Agency?

How To Improve Your Event Sponsorship Program

How To Improve Your Event Sponsorship Program Are you wondering how to improve your event sponsorship program? Perhaps you’ve been struggling to secure sponsors for your event, or maybe you already have some, but not sure what else you can do to secure new partners? Hey, we totally get it. Growth is important! And from … Continue reading How To Improve Your Event Sponsorship Program

What Are You Really Worth?

What Are You Really Worth?   Ultimately, rights-holders and sponsors want successful, meaningful partnerships.  But rights-holders also want money, while sponsors want value and results.  Finding the sweet spot between these equal and opposite demands is crucial in cultivating and maintaining that successful partnership. We have written previously about the importance of conducting accurate and detailed sponsorship … Continue reading What Are You Really Worth?

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019! tagged: alameda county fair  automotive sponsorship  blog  carvana  diwali  experiential marketing  golf  hollywood & highland  los angeles  masters  mobile marketing tour  nfl  oc fair  olympics  pier 39  sambazon  san francisco  smartwater  social media  sponsorship  super bowl  taj mahal tea  website  posted on January 3, 2019 It’s officially 2019. Where did the time … Continue reading Welcome to 2019!

Sponsorship Valu-what?

Sponsorship Valu-what? tagged: assets  brands  contracts  digital  fifa world cup  live event sponorship  marketing  rights holder  social media  sponsorship  sponsorship deals  target marketing  valuation  posted on May 31, 2018   “Have you completed a valuation?” In today’s industry, this question has become inevitable but remains confusing and somewhat daunting for many rights-holders. As a rights … Continue reading Sponsorship Valu-what?