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There is at least one perfect location for every activation event. For some brands, many locations may fit in order to make your brand shine its best, and, for others, just one spot will make all that you need to happen, happen. Choosing the perfect location for your event doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right help, you get to exactly where you need to be. Here are a few pointers on how to get there.

If you know your brand, you will know your location.

Your location should reflect who you are, and what your brand is. While that sounds like a no-brainer, it is easy to forget. Without properly researching a location, you will run into roadblocks when you find out later down the road in your event planning that a location may not fit your event and your brand for one or many reasons.

Once you have an idea of where want your event to be. Your best-fitting location should be chosen based on the following:

  • Brand goals
  • Target demographics
  • Budget
  • Venue type

Choose a well-researched location.

Choosing a location that has already conducted a series of valuations, including an accessible portfolio of assets, is a good idea. That way you know the ins and outs of that location, that way you will know what to expect, and you will more easily know if you are making the right choice.

Learn What Locations Fit, and Why

Here are some good examples of locations that are a great fit for their event, as well as locations that just don’t work as well.


Luxury Events Work at Luxury Locations

Coachella is a great location for an Amex Platinum/Centurion event because most Coachella attendees are current Amex cardholders. Coachella festivalgoers expect to interact with events at the festival that will improve their experience, one way or another. And Amex knows they will reach a large number of their customers at Coachella. The Platinum House event at last year’s Coachella gave a popular offsite and exclusive experience to Coachella attendees and Amex cardholders.


The Event Must Match the Experience

The Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View is very popular, but its concertgoers are typically just going for the concert itself. Many buy lawn seats. This amphitheater doesn’t draw offsite experience because it doesn't have that sort of cache.


When Clothing Aligns With Sports Demographics

The Levi’s Stadium opened in 2013, partnering with the 49ers. Levi’s saw this opportunity as a stadium full of people wearing Levi’s. Not only did the clothing company have their namesake on the 49er’s football stadium, but they also debuted a line for 49ers fans, and stadium employees got to wear Levi’s. For a non-sports apparel brand, this is product adoption through sponsorship success.


Shopping Centers for Large Sponsorships

In conjunction with the 2018 NBA All-Star Game at the Staples Center, Jordan Brand activated at House of Hoops in Hollywood & Highland. The NBA essentially chose Hollywood & Highland because it's a shopping center, with relevant stores to the NBA All-Star demographic. They also activated at Foot Action’s DTLA Flagship Store, featuring the Nike Kicks Lounge, the Nike East LA Community Store, Nike The Grove, and SNKRS to feature key products at all five properties throughout All-Star Week. The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend kickoff event was held at Hollywood & Highland, too.

Event Location

Ensuring Crowds Will Attend

State Farm held their own 2018 NBA All-Star Game event at the Santa Monica Pier, featuring Houston Rockets superstar James Harden’s head. Both the Santa Monica Pier and James Harden are very popular, causing crowds in that area to double.


Seek Valuable Sponsorship Event Resources

Finding the perfect location(s) for experiential marketing activations is nearly as important as the activation itself, but identifying and securing those locations is easier said than done.

Getting the help your brand needs will get you to where you need to be. Better yet, Tandem Partnerships can help.

Tandem Partnerships is an end-to-end rightsholder sponsorship agency. We have years of experience working with clients of all types, all over the United States. Our services include:

  • Sponsorship Program Development
  • Activation Permitting
  • Experiential Marketing Placement
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Sponsorship Asset Valuation
  • Event Bid Response and more

Tandem will provide quality, realistic recommendations in any market considering clients’ goals, target demographics, budget, and venue type.

We work closely with our clients, negotiating and securing the best venues, on behalf of our clients. We are the resource you need to make your event happen wherever it needs to happen, throughout the United States, effectively maximizing your sponsorship value to where it should be.


Tandem Partnerships is your sponsorship event resource.

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