List of Questions For Choosing The Right Venue For Your Event

Part of planning a successful event, is choosing the right venue for your event.

The venue you choose will impact several key factors of your event including logistics, finances, and the sustainability year over year, among others.

We’ve compiled a simple list of questions to guide you through the journey of choosing the right venue to host your event at.

Location Accessibility

  • Is it near highways or main roads?
  • Are there any public transportation options nearby?
  • Is it visible so guests will find it?


  • Are your dates available?
  • If you’re planning an annual event, will you be able to secure the same dates in the future?
  • Can you agree to multi-year deal?


  • Will guests be able to park?
  • Within the parking, will you have enough spots to accommodate expected attendance?
  • Is there a cost for using parking?
  • Do you think you'll need to have staff present to guide your guests through the parking entrance?


  • Does the layout work with your vision?
  • Will you need to build walls, or add pipe & drape?
  • How does the space sound?
  • Is there outside space or only indoor?
  • Do you have a foyer, and if not, can you do without?
  • Where will you put everything?

Be sure to share your vision with your venue contact and have them create a diagram for you. There's more clarity in seeing how the floor plan will work out on paper than in your mind.

You have to be certain your vision can be accommodated when choosing your event venue.


Obviously, you want to be sure the venue won't be too small for your event. And on the other hand, you also don't want a venue so big it's going to look empty with your expected attendance.

  • Do you think it will fill up nicely with your crowd of attendees?
  • If this is an annual event, will the event be able to support your event growing in future years?
  • When it's time to expand, will you be able to overflow into other parts of the venue?


  • Does the venue include any labor?
  • Will you need to hire outside vendors to operate the venue?
  • Is there catering available?
  • What about tech support and security?
  • Are there any additional fees to secure the support, if available?


  • If they do offer staffing support, but you want to outsource your vendors, will they be flexible and allow you to bring in outside vendors? For example, caterers and event security may be more budget friendly from an outside company.

Promotional Support

  • Is the venue itself willing to partner with you to promote your event like including your event in their own marketing materials?
  • Are they willing to co-create promotional content with you?


  • Does this event venue fit within your budget?

Although a list of fees will help, it's best to get a full estimate before you agree to anything. Sometimes there are “hidden” costs you may not be expecting such as administrative fees, custodian fees, internet fees, and more.

Venue Staff

  • Are you comfortable working with the team?
  • Do you sense you can trust them with your event?
  • Are they helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive to your questions?
  • Can you be confident this team will partner with you to grow your event year over year?

This is a very important relationship! If you don't get along with, or trust your event venue's team, it will be very difficult to get anything accomplished successfully.

The best kind of team is one that will help you, inspire you, and stand by your side during the entire cycle of your event. That means choosing a team you can rely on from the planning phase all the way to the execution of your event.


Being aware of any potential restrictions will save you time and money. Can you imagine investing big bucks and energy into something, only to find out you can't include it in your event? Yikes!

  • Are there any sound restrictions?
  • Can you serve alcohol?
  • Are there any products or services off-limits for the space?
  • Will your vendors be able to sell their products?
  • Does the venue offer proper load-in/load-out space for what you plan to bring in?


  • Will they require you to provide a certificate of insurance?
  • What about any permits for food, tenting, electrical, sound, etc.?
  • If so, are you prepared to obtain and provide the necessary documentation?

We recommend taking your time to really investigate every part of a venue before signing on the dotted line. Especially, if you’re planning a multi-year event, it’s important that you do all your research and even look at several different options before choosing the right venue for your event.

posted on November 14, 2019


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