Best Event Apps to Use When Hosting, Attending, or Promoting Events


Event apps are making lives easier for events and their attendees. An event app is a must for providing a personalized experience. Tech-savvy attendees expect them and sponsors love to provide them because of the data available. They are then able to find out what’s most interesting to their audience. In this mobile tech era, printed collateral and banners for events are being replaced with visibility in event apps. Event apps are a valuable sponsorship asset in which could cost little to none for an event. There are so many different apps that can personalize an experience, but it’s important for an event to choose one that integrates well with the type of event. Check out the best event apps for different types of events in the industry.


Conferences & Corporate Events



Pathable is an award winning event app which is great for conferences, meetings, and trade shows. The app allows attendees to connect with co-workers or other attendees anytime during the event. The networking app attracts sponsors because they gain access to what matters most “hard data”. Clicks, views, and even conversions can be measured with the app.

Top Features:

  1. A mobile conference feature
  2. Scheduling private meetings
  3. Personalized agendas
  4. Exhibitor listings

Top Sponsor Assets:

  1. Sponsors logo placed on front page of the app
  2. Full-page to show off sponsor, including a list of all their attendees at the show, to help attendees find someone to talk with easily
  3. Top-rank listing in searches for tags on the sponsor profiles
  4. All attendees from sponsoring organization get enhanced profile tiles

With Pathable, event organizers personalize the app and set the functions that make sense to their event. The apps sponsorship tool also belongs to the event organizer, allowing them to incorporate sponsorship packages.

Event Applications


Events XD

Events XD, also known as EventBoard, has a portfolio full of major brands like Coca-Cola and Microsoft that have used this mobile conference tool. This free app allows attendees to view newsfeeds, build agendas, create surveys, sell event tickets, and upload floor plans. The social integration feature is a great way for attendees to share updates about the event on their social platforms. For $299.99, the app offers sponsors a premium feature to showcase their brand. Sponsors will then have opportunity to stream live, create custom branding and remove other non-branded ads.

Event Applications





Bizzabo is a networking platform that brings event attendees together. The app allows attendees to private message each other creating one community within the event. Attendees can create their own robust profiles which integrate with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The apps ultimate goal is to create a better marketing strategy for the event and increase engagement.



When attending a networking event, CamCard is a great tool to utilize because attendees do not have to worry about losing business cards they collect. The app makes it easy to organize and sort business cards by importing them into your phone. This way attendees have their cards saved digitally and can help set the importance of that contact.



Charlie is a stress free event app, saving attendee’s prep time and research before an event. The app provides relevant information about companies that attendees are looking forward to meet. The app is also a great tool for the sales industry and should be used before cold calls. The apps results show that a sales rep can increase their amount of meetings booked and conversation rates using Charlie.

Event Applications

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