Strategize For Success: How To Plan Your Event Bid

Events need thorough, comprehensive planning in order to make sure that every aspect of an event turns out as close to as planned as is possible. Preparation detail depends on the size, type, and location of the event, but it always includes successful event bidding.

Successful event planning begins with meticulous event bidding. Do you have a good event bidding strategy? Here is our event bidding plan and tips for the best bidding turnaround and positive event results!

Track Requests for Proposals & Bid Applications

Diligently track upcoming request for proposals and bid applications. Diligent tracking of proposals and bid applications leads to finding the best-match opportunities. Work with cities, commissions, and other national governing bodies or associations to find just the right event.

Navigate the Event Bidding RFP Process

Any RFP (request for proposal) process needs diligent, steadfast, and creative ideation. The event bidding RFP process is strenuous, and it must be done well for a successful event.

Define & Develop Successful Bid Strategies & Host Applications

For a faster and more effective event bidding RFP process, hiring an agency might be the right solution for you. The right agency will work diligently to bring forth a successful event bid, and more, partnering with cities and local organizing committees to define and develop successful bid strategies and host applications.

Comprehensive permitting and city regulation experience absolutely help event bid strategic development. Heavy experience in sponsorship and experiential consulting is also very helpful to the bid RFP process. The right sponsorship agency will have this experience.

Cultivate Community Relationships

For a successful event bidding RFP process, extensive relationships should be present or developed with a range of bureaus, commissions, and more, including but not limited to:

  • Convention bureaus
  • Visitors bureaus
  • Sports commissions
  • National governing bodies

Partnering with cities and local organizing committees are required to define and develop successful event bidding strategies and host applications. The event must be supported by its local communities in order to reach RFP process success.

Feedback is Paramount: Collect the Right Data & Feedback

The right data must be thoroughly collected for use in order to pitch any event or location. That data will provide information needed to present a city or venue as a worthwhile and undeniable host. With help of the event’s local community, data may be provided in the form of feedback.

Feedback is also paramount to know that you have the best bid possible. And, if the bid is rejected, the data and feedback may be used to help start the process all over again.

After a Successful Bid: Develop Sponsorship Strategy & Services

After a successful bid, organizing committees must develop a sponsorship strategy. Services provided for the event should be determined soon thereafter, as well. A quality sponsorship agency should be able to advise organizing committees on sponsorship strategy and services for their event.

Whatever your event may be, we hope to have given you some good ideas on how event bidding works. We strive to give you the tools you need for successful event bidding, and, ultimately, maximum return on your sponsorship investment.

Interested in learning more about our event bidding strategy?