Experiential Marketing Services

Experiential marketing is one of the greatest promotional tools you can use. Activating your product or service in an interactive way allows your target market to better understand your company, your product, and most importantly, why they should care about either of those things.

Since that's the case, why doesn't everyone do it?

To be honest, you'll find experiential marketing can also be time-consuming, logistically difficult, and require the right fit. That's where Tandem comes in: you know how you want to reach your audience (or maybe you're looking for guidance), and you need someone to help you do so. Tandem can place your activation across the country - wherever it needs to be to reach your target market. We'll take care of any onsite and permitting logistics so you don't have to. Whether you want a 20-spot national marketing tour or a long-stay pop-up at an iconic venue, Tandem is your resource. Check out the specifics below.



Differing from traditional advertising, experiential marketing attempts to captivate consumers within the product or brand by activating and engaging as many human senses as possible. 

Many sponsors produce video social media content to visually capture an audience. A video post can connect with them on a more emotional level. Sponsors can also get creative with their videos to show potential customers the brands image. 

Brands turn to experiential versus traditional marketing because of more people using ad blockers and fewer people watching TV. Experiential truly has the potential to create direct human connections and create more meaningful relationships with consumers.

Convenience, availability, capacity, cost, and capability. Whether you need a venue to host a large trade show, corporate meeting or private party, finding the right brand event venue that accommodates your needs makes a big difference.  

Our top five event apps are Pathable, Events XD, Bizzabo, Camcard, and Charlie. An event app supports engagement marketing and is a must for providing a personalized experience. Tech-savvy attendees expect them and sponsors love to provide them because of the data available. 

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