Extreme Sport Energy Drink Sponsorship

Red Bull  

Red Bull is a unique energy drink brand that has taken over extreme sports. The brand has used sponsorship activations, branded content, and endorsement deals to become one of the most visible sponsors in the industry. Today the brand focuses on owning properties rather than sponsoring those ran by other brands. Their “Give You Wings” Tagline is recognized worldwide through media and online promotions.  


Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull currently owns and sponsors the Red Bull Air Race. Established in 2003, the international series of races in which competitors have to maneuver a challenging obstacle course in the fastest time. During the event, Red Bull's present is known. The brand overshadows all other presenting sponsors annually. Red Bull's heavy push though media and unique sponsorship strategy have allowed the brand to successfully capture and inspire extreme sports enthusiasts. The caffeine-filled drink fuels attendees all weekend long and drew in about 40,500 people to the race last year.  

Extreme Sports Energy Drink Sponsorship


Crashed Ice

Crashed Ice, created and managed by Red Bull, is a winter extreme sporting event. The toughest skaters in the world compete down a massive ice track filled with twists and turns with speeds up to 80 kph. Now in its 19th year, Red Bull has revolutionized the fastest sport on skates and provides fans a thrilling performance yearly.  

Extreme Sport Energy Drink Sponsorship


Monster Energy

Monster Energy is visibly known for sponsoring many extreme sports. Over the past 18 years, Monster has grown globally signing international expansion deals. The energy drink company focuses on promoting motorsports and actions sports.  



Monster signed a sponsorship deal with NASCAR back in 2017. The company continues to be the official sponsor through the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series season. Monster Energy uses their global platform to promote and elevate NASCAR. During the NASCAR season, Monster is able to drive business by introducing the NASCAR audience to their variety of energy drinks. Over the last couple years, NASCAR has attempted to captivate a younger audience generation. Monster has younger, edgier audience in which aligns with NASCARs trend.  


X Games

The X Games is the ultimate extreme sports event covered and broadcasted by ESPN. The games are held during the summer and winter timeX Games Aspen hosts snowboarding, skiing, and snow biking. X Games Minneapolis hosts BMX, skateboarding, and freestyle motocross. Monster Energy has been the official drink sponsor for the past 6 years. At the eventsMonster features athlete autograph signings, brand ambassadors, drink samplings, and an outdoor lounge with entertainment. Monster also provides fans with the opportunity to meet Monster Energy personalities and Facebook Live commentators

Extreme Sport Energy Drink Sponsorship



Rockstar Energy is known for sponsoring extreme sporting events and music tours. The brand has also built quite the successful roster between their motorsport and action sport teams. The brand currently endorses over 100+ athletes.  


Roxy Chicken Jam Snowboarding Competition

The Roxy Chicken Jam was known as the only all-female snowboarding competition located at Mammoth Mountain, California. Although the event concluded in 2011, the competition ran for 7 years and celebrated the top women snowboarders in the world. The event was presented by Rockstar, offering fans a festival atmosphere with live performances between each heat. Through extreme sporting events, Rockstar’s focus is to gain media exposure and promote their tag line, “Party like a Rock Star”.  

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