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We asked you earlier this year: Has your brand considered partnering with a fair or festival?

Fairs may not be your top of mind property when you think of potential partnerships, but it is an exciting and growing segment that should be considered. According to IEG, sponsorship spending on fairs, festivals and other annual events will total nearly $1B in 2018, growing from $878M in 2016. Here's the deal: people go to fairs specifically to engage with their community and its offerings. That can't necessarily be said about sporting events or music festivals, because the draw to those events are the headliners or the game - not other experiences. Fairs are all about an amalgamation of experiences. That can make it a busy atmosphere to be sure, but it also provides an already engaged audience.

At Tandem, we represent two fairs: the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, CA, and the OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. We did a sneak peek at Alameda County Fair earlier, but now we're here to show you how sponsors and mobile marketing tours took advantage of the opportunities at OC Fair this year.

Take a look:


What can you experience at OC Fair?

Perhaps an easier win than the usual carnival games could be found at the Toyota footprint than anywhere else on the grounds. If you're talented at cornhole, that is. The footprint also featured Toyota vehicles, prizes, and a lounge area.


Lucky guests were able to take in a Christopher Robin AR keepsake. While they didn't get to meet Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet on site, they could tell people they did, just like Twitter user J. Acoba:



Were you a winner with Raising Cane's? Or maybe you were more like me, just wishing you were. Either way, for the second year, Cane's was hidden onsite - and if you found posters like the one below, you won some free chicken. This was a great deal - fairgoers scored free food, the OC Fair secured visitors guaranteed to search the grounds, and Cane's had a highly successful promotion.


We'll keep this one quick, but have you ever wanted a rubber duck as much as you do after seeing this picture?


The Los Angeles Chargers training camp is close by the OC Fair, which results in a great partnership. Keeping in line with its traditions down in San Diego, players were onsite meeting fans and filling out postcards for the troops at Heroes Hall.

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