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Experiential activation should always be memorable, fun, and fantastic overall, working to make even the most intangible brands as tangible as they can be. Secure the right location, employees, and supplies for your experiential activation idea, and you have a recipe for success!

An Array of Experiential Activation in 2018

This year an excellent variety of successful experiential activation ideas were actualized. Read on here to learn more about some of this year’s most fantastic experiential activation ideas (so far!)


The Upskill Project was a campaign meant to attract young homeowners. Homeowners were presented with the opportunity to submit a video describing the skills they currently lack and need to complete a home design project that they’d really like to complete. Lowe’s then selected the most passionate-sounding video submissions and provided the winners with $2000 and the help of DIY teachers and Lowe’s employees to start their project, all at Lowes. Once the project was completed, the winners were encouraged to share their results and newly learned home design skills at a community workshop at their local Lowes.

“Over the course of the campaign, Lowe’s worked with over 100 homeowners across 22 cities, serving up education on 250 different DIY skills and earning four million social impressions in the process. Nailed it.” (Access Intelligence, LLC, 2018).

Governors Ball 2018

While the event itself did not use experiential activation, many, many brands at the event did. Brands you may expect to see at a music festival were present such as Bacardi and Miller Lite, and maybe M&Ms and American Eagle. And then brands you may not expect to see were very present as well including State Farm, Honda, Citi, DirecTV, Kleenex, and more who offered interactive material for posting on social media, as well as phone charging stations to attract as many festival attendees as possible.

Calling all Gov Ball NYC bound music lovers! göt2b® is bringing everything you need for the fiercest festival hair right to you! Stop by our FREE Style Bar for men and women at #govballNYC, and let us put the finishing touches on your look! #got2b #got2batGovBallNYC #govball2018

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Festivals are where many of today’s experiential activation campaigns are, simply because they are guaranteed the most amount of interaction with the large number of people already present for the festival itself.


Arby’s #MeatSweats campaign involved a photorealistic pair of sweatshirts and sweatpants that people could not purchase with money. It could only be earned by posting on social media about the meatiest Arby’s sandwiches they’ve eaten. The campaign went viral.

ACTUAL meat sweats. I can’t breathe. #EarnedNotGiven pic.twitter.com/B4SCpKg3gb

— Mike Golic Jr (@MGolicJR57) December 16, 2017

“Over the course of six weeks and with a budget of less than $100,000, Arby’s earned 92 million media impressions, another 29.5 million social media impressions and countless new customers.” (Access Intelligence, LLC, 2018).


Each year Uniqlo releases its UT Graphic Tee Collection with a platform built to engage consumers through self-expression, one way or another. This year, Uniqlo’s experiential activation campaign engaged consumers nationwide with displays of their 2018 UT collection surrounded by activities, and all offered nearby their major market stores, including in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. The activities offered shoppers photo ops, meet and greets with designers, sweepstakes, and a variety of freebies, making for a great incentive to visit the nearest by store.

Hurry! We just restocked select styles of #UTxKAWSxSESEAMESTREET online. https://t.co/QShClr1nZK #UniqloUT #UniqloUSA #KAWS pic.twitter.com/s9cGHXl2xK

— UNIQLO (@UniqloUSA) July 3, 2018

March of Dimes

March of Dimes’ first experiential activation efforts occurred in 2018 in Los Angeles as a part of a rebranding effort beyond their famed marches. Using their effort, the nonprofit is looking to resonate more with local families, not just the mostly corporate, Hollywood, and sports communities reactions they had been getting for years.

With their Imagine a World activation campaign, local families were invited for three days to interact within a family-friendly geodesic dome. The dome had interactive displays that were meant to encourage families to interact with and share them on social media, all while the visiting families imagine a world where every baby deserves a chance to grow up and change the world.

Tonight we imagined a world in which every baby has a first hug right away from mom and is not whisked away to the NICU clinging to life. #MODImagines

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“Overall, 2,500 people came through the exhibit during the public event days, and it generated 10,000 posts on social media with the #MODImagines hashtag. The activation earned 5.9 million impressions on Twitter, and more than 30 million media impressions.” (Access Intelligence, LLC, 2018).

Experiential Activation with Tandem Partnerships

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