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Look for growth. Your campaign or partnership may not reach exponential heights in its first year or go-round, but try for a solid baseline. Watch your metrics (online, onsite) to find room for improvement. Initiate those changes, and see if Round 2 experiences growth. Continue the tweaking process, of course, to help inspire continued growth. When launching a partnership or event, it's difficult to reach the same level of success as a long-term sponsorship or long-lasting event. Look for growth year over year, find ways to better appeal to your market, or make them more satisfied upon exit from your event or property, and eventually you'll be one of those established and successful partnerships (or events).

  1. BIG3 looks forward to growth in season two. In case you're behind, no, BIG3 is not a television show, but rather a 3-on-3 basketball league co-owned by rapper Ice Cube. It'll be an Olympic sport in 2020, but we'll see if it has a sophomore slump first - or if, as expected, the league experiences worldwide growth.
  2. Meanwhile, a more established league - the NFL - is looking for new ways to attract fans to games. The New York Jets, in particular, are going all out during this 50th anniversary season of the team's Super Bowl championship.
  3. Over in the XM sphere, we have some crazy-cool activations for you to see:
    • First off, you know we love music festival activations. YOU KNOW IT. EventMarketer did this quick & cool wrap up of activations at Panorama this year.
    • Also in New York, Behr Paint put up possibly the best pop up ever featuring the 2019 Color of the Year: Blueprint.
    • If your brand hasn't hopped on to experiential marketing yet, what are you waiting for? Consumers love it, we love it, Forbes loves it.
  4. What does sports betting in the US look like? Where is it going? Find out.
  5. And beer is in the news this week too, with two brands going all out in new and fun ways:
    • Stella Artois will be at Fashion Week (starting next Thursday) with Les Haute Pockets - a comedic but obvious reminder to put your phone away during the event.
    • Bud Light only just launched in England last year, but the brand is experiencing swift growth largely on the back of it's "Dilly Dilly" campaign. And with the brand's new partnership with the resurgent Three Lions, we expect to see continued infiltration of the UK market.


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