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Assigning a value to an asset is both one of the most important and most difficult things a rights holder will have to do in its sponsorship program. Rights holders need to be confident the number they're asking for is both reasonable and valuable. Brands need to see the value and potential return on investment. The valuation process is one of the most needed (though often ignored) steps in the building of a sponsorship program (also, incidentally, one we can help you with here). Be sure both sides of the sponsorship equation see, understand, and agree on the value of the assets included in their deals. The EPL has seen a rash of teams defecting or refusing to renew with a current kit partner in favor of finding a new one. What is it about those deals driving teams and brands apart? Where is the disagreement on value?

  1. Two major stories last week to both begin and end the week with a bang:
    1. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports betting, overturning a 1992 law prohibiting the practice in most states. This will be incredibly far-reaching.
    2. The UFC signed a deal with ESPN, estimated to be worth $150 million annually for 15 live events - neatly setting a UFC event's value at a cool $10 million.
  2. Unfortunately for PUMA, the brand was dropped by an EPL team in favor of adidas for the second week in a row. This week: Leicester City, last week: Wolverhampton.
  3. Every rights holder runs a different sponsorship program. This past week, we took a look at the programs at two of golf's biggest events: the Masters and the US Open.
  4. Have you been following bike share sponsorships? It seems like there's one in the news nearly every week. This time, it's Memphis' Explore Bike Share announcing a new partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.
  5. Fans will easily stay hydrated at New Orleans' Food + Wine Experience as Mountain Valley Spring Water hops on as official water. Perhaps the perfect palate cleanser as well?
  6. Are you excited for next month's World Cup? Campaign suggests the best way to connect with fans will not be the television screen.
  7. On our Twitter account, we run a #SponsorSpotlight every Thursday. This past week, the spotlight was on Nissan and its deal with the International Cricket Council (ICC). This eight year partnership will run through 2023, and includes all major ICC events like the ICC World Cup.


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