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Every version of an event puts its own stamp on the tradition and history of the brand, event, and (where applicable) governing body. As social norms change, the decisions, promotions, partners and goals should to. Just yesterday, the FIFA World Cup wrapped up in Russia. But consider, if Russia had been bidding for the 2026 event (just awarded to the US over Morocco), how would that bidding process have gone? Would Russia have won? Would it have been a frontrunner, after the well-publicized sporting scandals and anti-inclusivity stance taken at its Sochi Olympics? Similarly, FIFA continues to receive criticism from its 2022 choice, Qatar.

And this issue isn't solely with FIFA - the IOC president recently stated he'd like to see the Winter Games return to a "traditional" host. While his quote does say it doesn't matter if that host is in Europe, North America or Asia, many have interpreted it to mean only Europe or North America, given 2014, 2018 and 2022 will all be on the Asian continent (Sochi, PyeongChang, Beijing). All involved organizations - governing bodies, LOCs, NGBs, sponsors, etc - should promote the version they feel most promoting diversity, cooperation, and unification - those values which they state to embody.

  1. The FIFA World Cup is over! #LesBleus, anyone?
  2. "If 71% of US internet users feel that ads have become more intrusive today than they were 3 years ago, advertisers should not focus around the content, but within it." - Interested? Check out the rest of this article on brand integration.
  3. We hardly go a week without at least one esports story; this time we have a new partnership between Turtle Beach and Nasr Esports.
  4. Baseball is in the news - and it's only July! (Just kidding, we know other people pay attention outside of the World Series.)
  5. On that note, we'd like to share these social media tips with you! They're marketed toward sponsors, but let's be clear, everyone can always use a refresher.
  6. Augmented sports are on the rise. Don't believe us? That's fine, we'll provide our source.


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