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Not to be cliché, but is your brand or property the best it can be? The best in marketability, that is. Brands and properties are better able to align when each is functioning at a high level in terms of marketability. Keep in mind: a high level of marketability is subjective and variable depending on industry, market, goals, and a few other factors. We know not everyone will operate on, say, Toyota's level - but not every brand NEEDS to. Not every property will reach the heights of Coachella or Madison Square Garden - but that may not be the right step for every property anyway.

Many of the stories below are about the top of the top, but we're hoping you'll read between the lines - what makes these athletes or teams more marketable? Why are they desirable? How can you apply those factors into your operations in a way that fits your business?


Marketability in Sport

  1. How can a team drive fan engagement off the court, or outside of game day? Several teams are putting together experiential displays to show off team history. We love it - what better way to immerse yourself in a championship run that happened before a young fan was born?
  2. SportsPro's 50 Most Marketable Athletes of 2018 came out recently. Les Bleus and Manchester United star Paul Pogba tops the list, while new US Open champ Naomi Osaka ranked 27th. Keep in mind this list came out PRIOR to the tournament final, and since her win in New York, she's already signed a new sponsor:
    • Japanese carmaker Nissan and Osaka have reportedly signed a 3 year deal. We'll be watching to see if more are added (both sponsors and Slams!) as we draw closer to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
  3. Speaking of the Olympics, reports came out last week stating the IOC was close to signing its newest TOP sponsor: Allianz. The insurance brand is certainly no stranger to sports sponsorship, especially as the brand has been a Paralympic partner since 2006.
  4.  The NHL's Vegas Golden Knights - an unexpectedly successful expansion team - has signed a new sponsor in an important category. Allegiant, a Vegas-based airline, will now serve as the team's Official Domestic Airline Partner. This is great - but also bags the question: does that particular designation mean another international deal is in the pipeline, or was it based on budget?
  5. Taylor Strategy released its Female NFL Fandom 2018 Insights Study. It "underscores the reality that while female fans are an integral part of NFL fandom – they comprise 45% of the fanbase – brands have done little or no marketing to this avid demographic." Shocker? No. Unfortunate? Most definitely.
  6. Do you follow golf? If you do, you may be aware each of this year's major winners (men's) are not signed to a specific equipment sponsor. Nike's exit from golf is responsible for two of the golfers (with a total of three major wins in 2018), and the third golfer was also Nike (though he left prior to the company's exit from the sport).
  7. Like @AsiaSN on Twitter, we wonder if both partnership deals should be featured (see below). What different markets or value-adds does Milo receive from Joseph Schooling vs. FC Barcelona?


Did we miss any? Tweet @be_tandem - we hate being behind the times just as much as you do.

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