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Check out the blog every Monday for a weekly roundup of the past week's most exciting and industry-altering news. These stories cover October 29-November 4, 2018.

Can you say it enough? Creativity is key in marketing, and can really make the difference between success and failure in sponsorship marketing. We have yet more examples below for you to consider.

  • Keep moving the needle creativity-wise if you want your marketing - experiential, sponsorship, or otherwise - to succeed.
    • You may recall this past week contained Halloween? Reese's did.




    • Burger King had an interesting way to announce delivery availability. Check it out.
    • Do you know what other holiday was last week? If you said Dia de Los Muertos, you were right. Nike helped Pumas celebrate.




  • If you haven't caught on yet, esports is rising. SponsorPitch is here to tell you how.
  • Two less traditional partnerships were announced last week:
  • In case you thought Pumas was going to be the only soccer mention this week, we're happy to prove you wrong. (Speaking of which, did anyone watch the Wolverhampton/Tottenham game on Saturday? Because what was with those penalties?)
    • Barca is working to improve the Camp Nou tour experience for fans - with existing partner Viber (an excellent example of how to keep innovating with your sponsors!)
    • Update to our earlier Airline Category Analysis: Qatar Airlines has become the Official Airline of CONMEBOL.
  • SportsBusiness Journal's Sports Marketing Summit took place last week. Among the fantastic content is the following video:





Did we miss any? Tweet @be_tandem - we hate being behind the times just as much as you do.

Look out next Monday for the usual round-up on sponsorship news.

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