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Mega events are in a class of their own for sponsorships - not in the least because there are so many ways to get involved. With events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup, brands are able to get involved with a major governing body like the IOC or FIFA, with a LOC like Pyeongchang 2018 or Russia 2018, or with national teams like perennial favorites Germany, Brazil, or Spain. Notwithstanding the odds, brands can get involved in teams unlikely to win - or even those who didn't make the tournament - depending on the audience they're looking to reach. You can check out the various levels of Olympic sponsorship here, and keep an eye out this summer for our analysis of FIFA sponsorship.

  1. In case you were somehow unaware, the 2018 FIFA World Cup starts on June 14 in Russia. Deals are being done at a crazy pace with the participating national teams and to take advantage :
  2. Chipotle signed on with Team Solo Mid as the first-ever TSM Fortnite House sponsor. No word on if this means unlimited queso.
  3. Is your brand clearly communicating purpose? According to Adweek, brand purpose - specifically,"companies’ positions and efforts on social and environmental issues" matter to both Millennials and Gen Zers when making purchasing and career decisions.
  4. The country music follow up to Coachella, Stagecoach boasts some spectacular experiential marketing activations of its own. This year, H20+ Beauty Oasis couldn't be missed.
  5. After the ball-tampering scandal earlier this year, the Australian cricket team lost several sponsors. Recently, Alinta signed a new A$30 million deal with the team. Will this organization see a faster sponsorship recovery than USA Gymnastics, following its own (very different) scandal?
  6. Automobile brand Mitsubishi has a long history with music. The brand has expanded that commitment in it's new "Freestyle Test Drive" advertising spot in the UK, featuring rapper Harry Mack.
  7. We've highlighted two very special #SponsorSpotlights since you last saw Last Week Today.


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