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posted on March 26, 2018

Missing sponsorship news?

Check out the blog every Monday for a weekly roundup of the past week's most exciting and industry-altering news. These stories cover March 19-25, 2018.

As teams, leagues and sports draw closer to the beginning of the season, we typically see an influx of new (or renewed) sponsorship deals. Case in point this week: take a look at the MLS, NASCAR and BNP Paribas Open contracts mentioned below.


  1. The 2018 MLS season opened on March 3. Since then, the league has signed two major deals:
    1. Columbia Sportswear has partnered with the league and will be developing a line of co-branded outerwear and apparel. This deal covers all 23 MLS teams.
    2. The MLS' Twitter feeds should look a bit different this season. The league has partnered with the social network on a three year deal to provide both live broadcast and new ways for fans to interact with the league, teams and players.
  2. Did you see Sherlock Gnomes this weekend? The film was able to sign a partnership deal with Perfect Corp. This partnership will allow Gnomes-fans and app users to experience an augmented reality with looks based on characters in the movie. Apps involved include: YouCam Makeup, YouCam Fun, and YouCam Perfect.
  3. Getting ready for the upcoming MLB season, the Boston Red Sox have signed a sponsorship deal with Clorox Professional. Expect to see Fenway Park even more sparkling than usual on April 5.
  4. The 2018 BNP Paribas Open ended on March 18 with Juan Martin del Potro and Naomi Osaka taking the singles titles. That same day, title sponsor BNP Paribas signed an extension of its contract to cover the 2019-2023 editions of the event in Indian Wells.
  5. NASCAR has seen a couple new sponsorships within the league this week.
    1. The first was a unique take on ride share; Speedway Motorsports has signed a bus rideshare agreement with Rally Buses. The deal covers seven major tracks including Sonoma.
    2. NASCAR itself has a new official banking partner in PNC Bank. The two entities signed a five year deal designating PNC as both the "Official Bank" and "Official Wealth Management Partner" of NASCAR.
  6. USA Water Polo's Senior National Teams will be hydrating with Essentia at all training and domestic competitions for 2018. Note: Essentia is NOT the Official Water of the NBG, but the "Official Hydration Partner."


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