Check out the blog every Monday for a weekly roundup of the past week's most exciting and industry-altering news. These stories cover March 31-April7, 2019.

Whew, it's been a while. Have you missed us? Jumping straight in, there's some new research for you to check out, both on fan benefits and luxury sponsorship. Possibly the coolest collaboration in music for an album release teamed up for an unforgettable experience (it's the first story up, if you want to jump ahead). The Final Four has answered our questions - in more ways than one (did any of you have Texas Tech v. Virginia in the Championship?) And we've got a couple teams in the NFL and MLS exploring the future...

  1. We'll start in today with a couple notes on experiential marketing. For one, it's a great (possibly the best) way to activate a sponsorship, and for two, we have a couple great stories on it.
    • Spotify and Billie Eilish teamed up on an "enhanced album experience" for Eilish's WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? album released on March 29. It's a 14 room fully sensory event, and also possibly the best way to ensure no one forgot her album was released.
    • Looking for an easy read to find out more on experiential in general? Check out this article on Medium for the quick hits.
  2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, esports made the news. (Keep it together guys, we know you're shocked.) This time, the ELeague signed with Axe as its personal care partner. The deal included presenting sponsorship of this past weekend's Game Zone at the Final Four Fan Fest.
  3. New research was released, and it could help you: The role of fan benefits in shaping responses to sponsorship activation. Check it out.
  4. Two advertising partnerships caught our eyes this past week; did you see these?
    • Beyoncé teamed up with adidas for a new collection as well as the relaunch of her Ivy Park brand. If you can think of a bigger endorsement for your brand than Beyoncé, please let us know - we can't.
    • Were you watching the Final Four? Did you see the Bud Knight's tale continue? The Super Bowl gave us that major cliffhanger (or was it? Who survives a dragon, even the Bud Knight?), and Bud Light *finally* answered our questions this weekend. What did you think? (If you haven't seen it: Bud Light - The Return)
  5. Cashless is likely catching. The NFL - via the Atlanta Falcons - has been experimenting with cashless onsite experience. So far, it doesn't suck.
  6. The MLS so far has rules prohibiting sponsorship activations outside the local markets - as do the other major American leagues - but that could change. The LA Galaxy - the MLS' biggest brand globally, with stars like David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing for the team - is exploring outside those restrictions. We'll be following this closely.
  7. A new Category Analysis was posted last week. It's all about the luxury this time. Where do you think luxe brand are spending their sponsorship dollars? Because believe us, they are.


Did we miss any? Tweet @be_tandem to let us know - we hate being behind the times just as much as you do.

Look out next Monday for the usual round-up on sponsorship news.

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