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A state of continual transition may be ideal. Not because everyone loves uncertainty (because, let's face it, almost no one does), but because it means your brand or property isn't afraid to try new things. As we've said before, this does not mean you've gotten rid of your successful partnerships or campaigns, just that you're not relying on the past. Change, especially planned and strategic change, can help your organization have a better chance at success. You want to try sponsorship in a new and growing industry? Be one of the first major (non-tech) brands to get in on esports or women's sports. Opportunity is there. You want to try a new way to connect? Find someone else with the same goal and see how you can provide that opportunity together.

  1. Esports continues its rise.
    • The Drum issued a call (basically) for non-endemic (ahem, non-tech) brands to get involved as esports continue to grow. We agree - its a major phenomenon, there's lots of visibility, and there's still plenty of opportunity.
    • Our own #SponsorSpotlight on Thursday touched on eSports (and showed a brand doing just what The Drum ordered!), with this story from earlier this year reporting T-Mobile and Sour Patch Kids signing on with the Overwatch League.
  2. Coincidentally, T-Mobile featured on our feed last week for more than #SponsorSpotlight when it was announced the brand would be partnering with Jimmy Fallon to host his show from Central Park on September 13.
  3. Have you been following NASCAR sponsorship? Forbes did a follow up to its transition piece last week, proving that while some brand may be leaving, NASCAR and its teams are not exactly being left in the cold. Ignore it at your own risk.
  4. Big local sponsorship news: Informatica entered into a deal with the San Francisco Giants. In case you were wondering, it's not small.
  5. Looking forward to watching this: a study was recently released by Neilson Sports regarding opportunity for participation and sponsorship in women's sports. This particular study focused on the UK, so we'll be watching British brands (and events!) first for signs of progress.
  6. It's time for the final Grand Slam of the year. Well, almost. To prepare you for the spectacle that is the US Open, check this out.


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