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Check out the blog every Monday for a weekly roundup of the past week's most exciting and industry-altering news. These stories cover September 24-30, 2018.

You definitely can't follow every trend, but you do need to figure out which trends may be longer lasting and which will flame out quickly. Similarly, it's important to take advantage of a viral craze quick as you can, or you'll risk looking too far behind the times. Note: sometimes it's better not to participate in a craze if you can only finish about two weeks after everyone else. Sports betting and cryptocurrency are currently taking on sports sponsorship, and both segments are looking beyond trendy - perhaps important and coveted segments in the future.

  1. How are you measuring your sponsorship ROI? Do you know? CNBC reports sponsorship spending is up...but brands may not know how much it's worth.
  2. Every activation has a different market. National Geographic recently launched an "Explorer Academy" for children - and found a great recruitment pop up activation to go along with it and promote the series in Chelsea (NYC).
  3. Penn State may have fallen to Ohio State (barely!) this weekend, but at least fans had some great snacks. (Didn't you know? Snacks make everything better.) The Nittany Lions signed Utz Quality Foods to an official deal last week.
  4.  Sometimes trendy is okay. And you know what's trendy? Cryptocurrency and sports betting. Whether or not you agree with the viability or morality of either, you can't deny both categories are taking sponsorship by storm recently.
  5. Speaking of soccer, Bloomberg has some bad news. Fans: your teams will be wanting you to do more than buy jerseys.
  6. Two NHL teams in the news for new deals last week.
    1. First, Stanley Cup finalists Vegas Golden Knights, kept things metallic with its new deal with Golden Entertainment.
    2. Also: the NHL season (well, preseason) is getting started with a bang for the Sabres & new sponsor, Nextiva:



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