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We warned you last week. The World Cup has taken over - even here in the US. No matter which team you're pulling for with the USMNT failing to qualify (#LesBleus, anyone? #ThreeLions?), the sponsorship side of the tournament is one to watch. We're especially excited to pull out our crystal balls to guess how the 2022 tournament in Qatar will pan out.

  1. World Cup Catch-Up:
    • You're seeing multiple languages on the on-field signage if you've been watching the World Cup: English, Russian, and Mandarin. The first two were expected, but do you know why there are so many Chinese sponsors of the World Cup? The Economist has a theory.
    • Brands are working to differentiate their partnerships. Budweiser China launched a series of cans promoting China's favorite teams in the tournament.
    • How can the World Cup work for your brand? Octagon has some ideas.
  2. Soccer crazy - even outside the national teams:
  3. Okay, okay, we do have a few non-soccer stories. Check these out:


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