3 Simple Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Sponsorship Consultant

Hiring a Sponsorship Consultant

Our goal is to provide you with the best information, advice, and guidelines to craft and maintain a successful and sustainable sponsorship program.  Whether your goal is to grow from scratch or increase revenue on a current program—we can offer you experience, expertise, and creative insight.

So, when it comes to hiring a sponsorship consultant to assist with your sponsorship program, how do you know how to get what you’re looking for?

Here are our top tips to ensure the consultant you hire helps you craft a successful sponsorship program…

Be Crystal Clear—What Do You Want?

Before you can hire a sponsorship consultant, you need to know what you want.

1. Credibility or Expertise?

Case 1: You have challenges and objectives, but don’t know how to get there. Look for a consultant with strong, strategic expertise and experience.

Case 2: You know exactly what you want, but your company values outside expertise over internal. Look for a consultant to help you build credibility and generate internal buy-in.

2. Portfolio or Project?

Case 1: Do your needs center around one, specific project? You may need a strategist, implementer, or both.

Case 2: Or does your whole portfolio need an overhaul? You’re probably simply looking to hire a strategist.

3. Implementation or Strategy?

Most sponsorship consultants are implementers. They manage the entire process—making a strategy come to life. Then, there are strategists, who help to develop the overarching strategies.

If you know you need either an implementer or a strategist, you may want to hire a specialist consultant or agency. If you need both, consider hiring the two roles separately. If you want to hire one agency to do it all, find one that has a dedicated strategist with experience.

For example, we offer strategic planning for the development, growth, and ongoing success of sponsorship programs and other revenue-generating opportunities. By utilizing a holistic and dedicated approach, we begin each opportunity with the study and analysis of a client's background, interests, and objectives before moving into the full consultation and development phase.  This provides our team with a full understanding of a client's history and potential for long-term sponsorship success.

We hope these few tips we've shared can help guide you—whether your goal is to grow a sponsorship program or increase revenue on a current program. In the end, our goal is to provide you with expert information, advice, and structural guidelines to create and maintain a successful and sustainable sponsorship program.

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