Complete Sponsorship Lifecycle

Tandem offers clients the complete sponsorship life cycle from asset valuation through strategy development until sales are made and accounts are serviced. We’re property-centric, collaborating exclusively with properties to find the right fit for each of our partners while avoiding conflict of interest.

After Tandem is fully versed in how you do business – your market, your audience, your mission, your goals – we work to maximize your sponsorship dollars. Using customized strategies for your organization, Tandem works to effectively mobilize your property’s sponsorship assets in the race for sustainable ROI and long-term relationships.

It is critical to have a specialized strategy and real, tangible steps to complete the maximization of your and your partners’ sponsorship ROI. Let Tandem help.

Once a new partnership has been established, or if Tandem is coming in to service an existing partnership, our goal is to ensure a successful relationship with the ultimate aim of renewal. Tandem aims to work with our clients and their partners to build successful activations and maximize revenue and return on investment through specialized account servicing and activation.

Sponsorship Sales and Strategy RESOURCES & FAQ


Months of hard work and preparation can easily go to waste with the wrong contract. This applies to any contract, including contracts for any sponsorship sales or experiential marketing project. The right contract will have a few key qualities, all written out in clear detail, including an offer, mutual consent, consideration, and a legal purpose.

Ultimately, rights-holders and sponsors want successful, meaningful partnerships.  But rights-holders also want money, while sponsors want value and results.  Finding the sweet spot between these equal and opposite demands is crucial in cultivating and maintaining that successful partnership.

Record your wishlist of sponsors and research as much as you can about them. Particular areas of note include industry, existing sponsorships, upcoming events for the brand (product or campaign launches), marketing goals, and competitor activity. The more you are able to ascertain in advance, the better your initial sponsorship pitch will be.

See how each brand could align with your event, if at all. At the end of that process, you will know more or less who exactly fits the bill as likely event sponsors.

The best-fitting sponsorship strategies happen with research. While getting the maximum return on a sponsorship investment is something that is best achieved with the help of sponsorship agency professionals, if the organizing committees know the right unique sponsorship stats, that can give them edge needed to boost the maximum return on a sponsorship investment.

The right sponsorship agency will absolutely have heavy experience in sponsorship and experiential consulting, but successful organizing committees should be up-to-date on industry trends. Here are 5 surprising sponsorship statistics that excellently can be applied towards the sake of boosting your sponsorship strategy.  

Often one of the more challenging parts of any endeavor is simply getting started. Sponsorship sales is no different; it’s important to have an approach that makes sense and will help you reach the end goal of securing a deal. Two common approaches for finding potential sponsors: Best Fit or Best Benefits 

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