Category Analysis: Technology Sponsorship

This category analysis on technology explores the industries impacted by technology advances and the tech brands actively sponsoring global events.

Last Week Today: Shocking Sponsorship News

LAST WEEK TODAY: Sponsorship News tagged: A2a energia  aac  AC  all things go fall  bolton  boycott  brands  china  dallas  dallas mavericks  daryl morey  empire company  grocers  home bargains  hong kong  houston rockets  inter  italian soccer  marketing  milk  music festival  nba  olympic  politics  shirt sponsor  soccer  sparkling water  sponsor  sports  sports biz  sports sponsorship  sportswear  tweet  … Continue reading Last Week Today: Shocking Sponsorship News

Sponsorship Valu-what?

Sponsorship Valu-what? tagged: assets  brands  contracts  digital  fifa world cup  live event sponorship  marketing  rights holder  social media  sponsorship  sponsorship deals  target marketing  valuation  posted on May 31, 2018   “Have you completed a valuation?” In today’s industry, this question has become inevitable but remains confusing and somewhat daunting for many rights-holders. As a rights … Continue reading Sponsorship Valu-what?