Category Analysis: Hotels

CATEGORY ANALYSIS: HOTELS tagged: accor hotels  australian open  best western  cricket  european tour  event sponsorship  fc bayern  formula 1  four seasons  french open  golf  hilton  indycar  live event  live event sponsorship  live nation  lotus  loyalty  marketing  marriott  mclaren  mercedes  milb  mlb  nascar  nba  nfl  nhl  paris 2024  pga championship  pga tour  points  rewards program  rising … Continue reading Category Analysis: Hotels

Last [Two] Weeks Today: Mega-Event = Mega Opportunity

LAST [TWO] WEEK(S) TODAY: MEGA-EVENT = MEGA OPPORTUNITY tagged: adidas  brand  chipotle  coca-cola  credit agricole  cricket  engagement  esports  event sponsorship  experiential marketing  festival of books  festivals  fifa world cup  futbol  les bleues  live event sponsorship  live events  soccer  sponsorship  stagecoach  tsm fortnite house  posted on June 4, 2018 Missing sponsorship news? Check out the blog … Continue reading Last [Two] Weeks Today: Mega-Event = Mega Opportunity

Last Week Today: Agree on Asset Valuation