What Are You Really Worth?

What Are You Really Worth? tagged: chevron  partnership  pier 39  san francisco 49ers  sponsor fit  sponsorship  sponsorship strategy  strategy  valuation  value  worth  posted on March 7, 2019   Ultimately, rights-holders and sponsors want successful, meaningful partnerships.  But rights-holders also want money, while sponsors want value and results.  Finding the sweet spot between these equal and opposite demands … Continue reading What Are You Really Worth?

Welcome to 2019!

Welcome to 2019! tagged: alameda county fair  automotive sponsorship  blog  carvana  diwali  experiential marketing  golf  hollywood & highland  los angeles  masters  mobile marketing tour  nfl  oc fair  olympics  pier 39  sambazon  san francisco  smartwater  social media  sponsorship  super bowl  taj mahal tea  website  posted on January 3, 2019 It’s officially 2019. Where did the time … Continue reading Welcome to 2019!

Traffic or Demographics: How to Determine Which is Most Important

Traffic versus demographics is the biggest question when it comes to picking a location for your sponsorship or experiential marketing activation.  On one hand, you want as many impressions as possible. Naturally, that suggests a highly-trafficked location. The downside would be if those impressions come from individuals outside of the target demographic. How valuable can … Continue reading Traffic or Demographics: How to Determine Which is Most Important

Last Week Today: Brand Sponsorship Value

LAST WEEK TODAY: AGREE ON ASSET VALUATION tagged: abby and the myth  activation  brand  carvana  casio  engagement  epl  event sponsorship  experiential marketing  festivals  fifa world cup  futbol  golden state warriors  kohler  live event sponsorship  live events  manchester united  nba  nba finals  pier 39  rakuten  soccer  sponsorship  time  timekeeping  visa  wework  posted on June 11, 2018 … Continue reading Last Week Today: Brand Sponsorship Value