Unconventional Activation: How Can Your Brand Stand Out?


How can my brand stand out?


That’s the question every single client asks, in one way or another. Standing out means results. The thing is, whether clients fully believe it or not, while you can get some positive results with a more traditional activation campaign, a more unconventional activation will get more attention, and potentially lead towards better results. Here’s a few pieces of inspiration for how your brand can stand out, unconventionally.


Choose the Right Location, Whether Unconventional or Unexpected


Choosing the right location is always going to be a top way to make your brand stand out, regardless of how unconventional you’d like your activation to be. That location could actually be in an otherwise conventional location that turns unconventional by being made to feel like a completely different location. One example is a pop-up shop in SoHo made to look entirely like an airport terminal with security scanners, newsstands and all, but a calm and entirely chic airport terminal. This campaign was for Away, a direct-to-consumer luggage company. 


Cater to All of Your Customers


Say you’d like an activation for a food item. You could set up an activation in a mall, sharing food samples and maybe having some food-related games and prizes. This would display your product in an attractive manner to everyone who wants to taste the food. A lot of other people, some of your core target customers, may just walk on by, if they’re not hungry. 


A creative, unconventional activation that could attract many more people should be entirely interactive. One interesting example to take cues from is from GoGo squeeZ, a yogurt brand. This brand is made to be fun for kids to consume, and for their parents to enjoy as well. To encapsulate all of that, this brand set up a branded playground for kids to play in, and a space for parents to rest.



Illustrate Your Product


Good, successful activations illustrate the best of what a product has to offer. The product is on display, one way or another, and people are positively interacting with the product. Some of the best and most unconventional activations do not display the physical product at all, but an idea of what it can do. Take the recent activation from Vodafone for example. Vodafone is a multinational mobile operator that wanted to advertise their new faster internet. To illustrate that, their activation consisted of a slide placed beside an escalator. The activation was fun for all those who interacted, and it illustrated how much faster they are than the next guy, when riding the Vodafone slide.



Get Help Catapulting Your Activation to Where it Needs to Be


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