What makes a stand out sponsorship agency?

When you’re ready to begin looking for a sponsorship agency, many will say that they will provide you with the sponsorship support that you need. But what really makes one sponsorship agency stand out from another?

Consider a Boutique Agency

The right sponsorship agency will:

  1. Make your life easier
  2. Add value to your business
  3. Deliver the results you need to succeed

A boutique agency can differentiate themselves by working in tandem with their clients to achieve tangible and measurable results. You'll work with the same team you trust from beginning to end and get direct access to the person(s) actively working on your account. In other words, there's no middle man (usually known as the "Account Manager").

Services for rightsholders include asset valuation, strategic development, sponsorship sales and servicing. Some of the services that really make a boutique sponsorship agency stand out include:

  • Custom sponsorship asset valuation
  • Custom sponsorship advisory services
  • Unique sponsorship packages
  • Creativity & flexibility
  • In-depth understanding of the sponsor & rightsholder
Custom Sponsorship Asset Valuation

They’ll make things easier by finding out the true value of your sponsorship assets, and only the true value, with no strings attached. That way, you’ll have the research you need to move forward confidently with sponsor negotiations.

A comprehensive valuation will make you feel confident and excited about new revenue-generating opportunities.

Custom Sponsorship Advisory Services

You should expect details of how the agency will supply you with the best sponsorship strategy. Seasoned expertise combined with in-depth research and analysis of rightsholder's assets set you up for long-term success.

The agency should clearly demonstrate that they understand your customer, your venue, and your sponsors.

Unique Sponsorship Packages

In addition, you will likely discuss custom-tailored sponsorship packages that anticipate the unique objectives and goals of your sponsors. That means no out of the box, cookie-cutter strategies involved. Packages are customized as needed to meet both your goals, and those of the sponsor(s). The result is a mutually beneficial partnership that's sustainable and effective.

Tandem, for example, does not sell tiered sponsorship packages because we believe that sponsorship packages should be fully-customized. Tiered packages are restricting and can turn off prospects who don't feel they fit in those boxes.

We work closely with both rightsholders and sponsors in order to supply them with the best sponsorship package possible.

Creative & Flexible Sponsorship Packages

Smaller teams have more opportunity to communicate directly with their customers to fully understand their client's needs, wants, likes, and dislikes.

For example, your sponsorship package may include multiple sponsors for your event, each one working to highlight entirely different parts of the event. Therefore, each one will need a different package to achieve their goals. Creativity and flexibility play a big role in making that happen.

In-Depth Understanding

It’s important to fully understand sponsors and who or what they’ll work best with, because finding just the right sponsor for your event is the key to everyone's success.

After your sponsorship team finds the right sponsors, it’s important to include them in the planning process. This allows them to produce the best results and better understand all parties as they grow together year after year.

Furthermore, if an agency fully understands your business, they can leverage existing relationships with other companies that would be interested in sponsorship opportunities. Having that kind of partner will open doors you previously weren’t able to open.


In conclusion, a boutique agency can stand out by offering you direct communication so you're able to truly work in tandem with them. Similarly, by understanding your goals in-depth, the agency can customize all its services to meet your needs, as well as the sponsors'.

We hope this helps you understand what makes a sponsorship agency stand out! If you'd like to see whether or not we might be a good fit for you, we'd love to chat. Just send us a note using our contact form.

posted on November 21, 2019



Don't know where to start? Tandem can help you identify your assets and determine their true value using proven methodology.


Take it a step further and invite Tandem to explore your financial objectives, audience, and offerings to receive a personalized strategy that produces results.


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